Texas Hold Em – Learn To Play And How To Steal Blinds

In Texas Hold Em, learning to play well pre-flop and steal blinds is imperative to your long-term success. That’s because the blinds represent money opportunity every round. Read this article now to learn how to steal blinds.

If you ever want to learn to play Texas Hold Em then you need to be able to make money in many situations. There is one thing for sure; you can’t leave money on the table. The players that are constantly taking the chips that are rightfully theirs are the players coming out on top.

Your goal in Hold Em is to make as much money as possible.

Blind steals will form a critical part of this overall strategy. They aren’t all of it but the help to build it. No strategy is complete without a proper blind steal plan. Learning to play well enough to be able to steal blinds successfully is something every poker player must do.

How To Steal Blinds In Three Easy Steps

Although stealing blinds is more preferable in a tournament, you can still do it in a cash game. The way you perform it is this.

1. Pay attention to the table and notice each individual player’s aggression and style. Remember this.

2. When you come round to very late positions or the button pay attention to everyone’s pre-flop bet, particularly the aggressive players.

3. If no one contests the pot, especially the aggressive players, make your move. Bet 3-4xBB, or about 125% of your standard pre-flop raise.

This is the essence of the blind steal. If you have read the table properly and have the right timing it will succeed.

A Nasty Problem To Watch Out For And How To Solve It

A particularly annoying thing that can happen to you when you go for a blind steal is the players in the blind will re-raise you. This can happen for a few reasons.

The first is the player genuinely has a good hand. The second is that the player knows that you are performing a blind steal so is doing what is known as a re-steal. He is re-stealing the pot from you.

The way you get around this is to make sure you are sitting in a position where the two players to left of you are tight players. This means they will be less likely to risk their chips with a re-steal. You will reduce the occurrence of having a re-steal performed on you by doing this.